What You Should Know about Sweet Sixteen Cakes

No birthday party is complete without the cake. It is a necessity. When choosing the right cake, it should fit the tastes of the birthday girl. It should also match the theme of the sweet sixteen party, which makes the cake even more fun because some of the design elements are integrated into the cake.

As for the style of the cake, it can be multi-level, single level, or you can have multiple cakes made. Some people like to have matching cupcakes made with their cake to ensure they have enough for everyone. There is so much that you can do and so much that you need to consider.

Consider this: Cake Flavors

Sweet sixteen cake flavors can take many forms. You want to ask your teen what she wants the flavor to be because it is all about her. Some of the common flavors include carrot cake, strawberry, chocolate, lemon, white or yellow, raspberry, blueberry, orange, and so much more. If it is a flavor, it can be made into a cake.

Consider this: Icing Type

There are different icing options. You have fondant, ganache, buttercream, and cream cheese icing. Which are you going to choose? The icings can vary about as much as the flavors. However, it is the icing that can turn your regular old sheet cake into something spectacular. Fondant allows for a lot of decorating, especially tiered cakes where you may want a lot of decorative elements, while a cake decorator with a lot of talent can do great things with ganache and buttercream. When you meet with your cake vendor, review the options and take a look at their portfolio so you can see what can be done.

Consider this: Where to get Your Cake

If you don’t have a cake vendor in mind, you are going to need one. Local pastry shops or wedding cake shops can do wonders. A good bakery will ask questions to find out as much as possible about the birthday girl so that elements of her can be integrated into the cake design.

Consider the Cost

The cost is certainly something that you want to consider because a cake can be expensive, depending on the design and size that you choose. You should be able to make an appointment with the cake vendor and arrange for a tasting of their different styles so that you can choose one that you like. However, you may want to take your teen with you to taste unless you want to make it a surprise and you know exactly what she likes. This way you know you are getting the perfect cake for your money.

Cost varies based on a number of areas, such as the number of tiers, type of icing, flavors, decorations, time of year, and the shape.

When it’s all said and done, you will have the perfect cake for your sweet sixteen so that she can have one more element to her day that she can enjoy. When you make sure she has the perfect cake, she will never forget what you did for her.