What You Must Know about Overseas Destination Weddings

A destination wedding that is held at a foreign location is usually considered rather exotic. Perhaps you have always wanted to get married in France or in the Amazon. Wherever you want to get married, it is very important that you get exactly what your heart desires on your special day.

Here are some details that can make your destination wedding as stress-free and successful as possible:

  • You may be able to achieve a destination wedding that comes in a complete package. You can have a venue that works automatically and successfully in conjunction with the planners and vendors. This keeps the wedding as simple as possible.
  • Being that the wedding is a destination wedding, you can create a smaller guest list. This means that there is no need to feel guilty over not inviting your third cousin twice removed or work colleagues that you don’t really have a relationship with. You can limit your guest list to those closest to you. Make sure you have plenty of photos and videos that you can show those that can’t be there.
  • Destination weddings do have a tendency to cost less than if you had a large wedding in your hometown. It is proper etiquette for the bride and groom and their families to pay for guest food, accommodations, and some expenses. However, much of this is offset by exchange rates. Plus, you don’t have the complex wedding party and the cost per head is less in the end.
  • You can double your wedding destination as your honeymoon destination. This will also save a great deal of money and give you the perfect excuse to visit your destination in the future on your anniversaries.
  • A destination wedding does give everyone involved the opportunity to escape from the usual. This is a detail you may want to run by them if they need more convincing as to why they should make the trip with you.  You may also want to hire a wedding photographer to take some memorable photos of the both of you while away.

Remember that your wedding day is the most important day of your life because it is the first day of the rest of your life with the one that you love. It is the day that you, your family, and your closest friends will remember for the long-term, so it is very important that the day be as special as possible. If you want to get married in France, the Amazon, or Spain or on a mountaintop in the Rockies, you should do it. Evaluate your cost versus a traditional wedding and just run with it.