Top Checklist for Grooms Formal Wear

On the big day, the groom wants to look dashing for his bride, which is why even those that aren’t into formal wear will dress to the nines to make the day as special as possible. So here is a checklist for grooms to follow while counting down the time to the wedding:

6 Months before the Big Day

This is when you want to think about the tux or suit style that will suit you the most. You can check out some formalwear stores and even look through magazines. The Internet is also a very valuable resource. Look at the suit cut, the style of shirt that you like, and see what will work best with your groomsmen’s body types.

4 Months before the Big Day

If you are going to rent your tuxedos, it is important to go ahead and head to the local formal wear shop and get started. You want to make sure your tuxedos are available on the big day. You and your groomsmen should try on a large amount of suits.

If you are buying your tuxedos or suits, then you need to head to a tailor and discuss the style that you want before being measured.

3 Months before the Big Day

This is the point where you put your deposit down on your tuxedos or suits so that they are reserved for the big day.

2 Months before the Big Day

Start looking for all of the pieces that will go with your suits, such as ties, shirts, cummerbunds, shoes, pocket squares, belts, socks, etc. You need to make sure you are properly accessorized for the big day.

2 Weeks before the Big Day

If your suits are to be tailor-made, this is the time you will be hearing from the tailor so you can have your final fitting done. You also want to make sure you and your groomsmen have all of the accessories that you need.

The Day Before

If the suits haven’t already been picked up, today is the day to do that. You can make sure everything is right so last minute fixes can be made. However, it is best to pick up the suits as soon as you are able so that any issues can be rectified in enough time.

The Day of the Wedding

Take your time with your appearance because you want to pay attention to the smallest of details. Make sure you have shaved, gotten a haircut, that your socks are right side out, that your tie is adjusted properly, and that your shoes are tied. Every little detail needs to be perfect because the day is to be perfect. Belts need not be too tight so that there is no muffin top happening and cufflinks should be securely fastened.

Lastly, make sure you smile. There is nothing that shows how you feel about the person you are about to commit to for the rest of your life than the smile on your face.