Tech Savvy Ways to Cut Your Wedding Costs

Weddings can cost thousands of dollars. In fact, the average wedding can cost tens of thousands of dollars, depending on what a person wants to do with their wedding. With the expenses being like that, it is no surprise that couples are looking for ways they can reduce their wedding costs.

Does that mean that technology is the answer?

It very well could be and here is why:

  • Save the date – Rather than print the save the date on a piece of paper and mail it just for it to find its way into the trash, you can send the save the dates electronically. You avoid the printing and postage costs. Because people run so much of their lives online, it only makes sense to opt for an electronic save the date that guests can receive in real-time.
  • Online registries – Instead of having to drive to the store so you can use their scanner to scan the items that you want, you can choose items for your directory online. If you want to create multiple directories, there are websites that will allow you to keep all of your directories in one place so that you are more organized. This will keep your guests on one website when they are trying to decide what to buy you.
  • Wedding website – Wedding websites are becoming increasingly popular because you can put all of the wedding details on one website. This should keep you from having to repeat details again and again to your guests. You can include hotel information, transport information, and anything that your guests need to know. You won’t have to use cell phone minutes repeating yourself.
  • The electronic wedding planners – Human wedding planners can tell you which ways they can cut costs for you, but the wedding planner costs as well. That is why you may want to utilize an electronic version. Many of the electronic wedding planners that are on the market have apps available for them so that your planning is in the palm of your hand.
  • Social media – Social media can be very easy to get a message across. For instance, you may be delayed or the venue must change. If that’s the case, you can send a group message and almost everyone is going to get the message through their mobile phones.
  • Photography – Wedding Photography can be very expensive. The suggestion here is to not do away with the professional photographer, but to compare costs so you can achieve the best cost. You can also use the pro photographer for portraits and use photos from friends and family
  • Videos – Videos are an important part of the wedding because you can relive it as it happened. Videos are also a way for those that cannot make it to be able to see the wedding. You can even stream the event live over the Internet to those that cannot attend. There are many streaming websites that will allow you to do this. This will also save money by shortening the amount of time your videographer needs to spend on your event.
  • Music – Find a friend with a band and see if they will take care of the music for you. The same applies to a friend who may be a DJ.
  • Party favors – The favors are a great way to say thank you to the guests, but there are ways to do it. You can choose a song, movie, ringtone, app, or eBook to give your guests. Being that everyone has an electronic device, there is a digital favor that you can give.

In the end, technology is keeping the pace with the evolution of weddings and vice versa. If you’re thrifty, then these are things that you may want to consider.