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Long Island Wedding DJs- Cocktail Music

When you choose James G. Entertainment, the Wedding DJs of Long Island to host your reception, we will make sure to have the music ready and running 30 minutes before your guests are scheduled to arrive. We will make all necessary announcements informing your guests about seating arrangements, bar service, appetizers, and more. Recommended forms of music for this portion of your reception; Love songs, Light Jazz, classical music, or R&B.

Long Island Wedding DJs- Grand Entrance

When it comes to the grand entrance, we recommend an Upbeat song for to get your guests excited about your arrival and the start of a great evening. The music can range anywhere from the present Top 40 to even the Monday Night Football theme!!! Please see our list of the Top 10 Grand Entrance Songs.

Long Island Wedding DJs- Dinner Music

Recommended forms of dinner music include Classical, Motown, Light Rock, R&B, Love Songs, 90’s pop, Light country.

Long Island Wedding  DJs- Reception Music

Your wedding reception music and volume can have a tremendous impact on the mood of the party and your guests. James G. Entertainment strongly recommends “brainstorming” with friends and family members prior to your event in order to get an idea of what the musical tastes of your guests are. The bride and groom should have their favorites included; without question, But what about a song or two for the grandparents???? Aunts and Uncles??? The Children???? Music types vary from family to family, and culture to culture. At James G. Entertainment, we play what you and your guests want to hear; no preference. Our job is to make recommendations when necessary but in truth, you make the final decisions. We will play what you ask.