Long Island Wedding DJs – How to Plan a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

A Wedding rehearsal dinner takes place following the wedding rehearsal. It can be expensive yet there are definite ways of making it economical. If you would like to be extravagant then surely it is welcomed but it would be an unnecessary expense. A Wedding rehearsal dinner can be planned out creatively while still being fun. It  can include simple snacks and the  meals  need not be too elaborate.

The Wedding rehearsal dinner is usually planned in a small reception hall where only a chosen number of people are invited. This includes close friends, family, relatives and others who are taking part in the wedding preparations. If you would like to go for a low budget wedding rehearsal dinner then you may very well have it in a huge family garden, or if you stay near the beach, you may very well plan it out on the beach. You may even want to cook the food yourself rather than ordering from a caterer.

It would also be an entertaining idea to have a barbeque party with everyone involved and having fun cooking the barbeque. Fun food like pizzas, burgers, chips etc can be in the menu. The menu can be filled with snacks and may have a fun dessert to finish it off, like ice-cream, pudding, chocolate cake etc. The idea of a Wedding rehearsal dinner is to have fun while showing appreciation to all those assisting in the preparation, so go ahead and have a blast!


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