Long Island Wedding DJ Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Speeches

So what’s in a wedding speech? That is something that many people wonder when they are charged with the responsibility of making a speech during the wedding ceremony or reception. The responsibility can be a stressful one, but it is something that makes the bride and groom happy and that means you are going to do your best.

To make the wedding speech easier for you, the following are some tips that should help you give the best possible speech.

Do plan your speech ahead of time. You don’t want to do the entire thing spontaneously, although you may want to integrate some spontaneity into the speech. Just make sure you have the main points planned and outlined so that it takes off some of the pressure. You may want to practice your speech in front of a friend so you are more comfortable. This will help you during the high pressure situation when there are photographers and videographers recording the moment.

Don’t have too much to drink before you make your speech. At most wedding receptions, there is usually a lot of alcohol and it can be tempting to numb the nerves before making the speech. Doing so could result in you saying things incorrectly or even saying things that you don’t mean.

Long Island DJs Wedding Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Speeches

Do introduce yourself to the guests. Remember that there are most likely people there who have no idea who you are. It can be very tempting to jump right into the speech, but some people may be lost as to why you’re giving a speech in the first place.

Don’t tell embarrassing stories about the bride or the groom. This can be tempting when you have known either one for quite some time, especially when you have funny stories like the time the two of you got drunk at a party and the groom ended naked and covered in whipped cream and Cheese Whiz.

Do keep it short. You’ve probably sweat a lot over making the speech, but you don’t have to make the speech as long as you have made it hard. Keep in mind that time is much different to you when you are under pressure versus when you’re not under pressure.

Long Island Wedding DJ Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Speeches

Don’t tell any inside jokes that are going to embarrass the bride or groom. Inside jokes are “inside jokes” for a reason, so don’t give everything away from the crowd.

Do make eye contact with the crowd so that you engage them even more. This is important when at a formal wedding and the wedding party is not seated together. Look around the room and make eye contact with other guests, not just the wedding party even if you are speaking directly to the bride and groom.

Don’t mention any past loves or past flames because that could be rather awkward. Believe it or not, this is something that happens frequently during wedding speeches.

Do mention the bride and the groom in your speech, despite how close you may be to one or the other. It is easy to give a one-sided speech, but do your best to not do that so both feel included.

So there you have some wedding speech dos and don’ts to take into consideration. Knowing what you should or shouldn’t do will help you ensure your speech is the best that it can be.