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You’re having a Sweet 16, you need DJ services, yet you don’t know what’s considered a good price or package for your specific needs. This article should truly help you understand how DJ Companies set-up their pricing list by breaking things down step by step. What’s most important is that we at James G. Entertainment always aim at charging you less then the competitors.

1. What companies look at:
Long Island Sweet 16/Sixteen Prices/Packages in Nassau, Suffolk, Hamptons

When considering what to charge a client for a Sweet 16, DJ companies consider many things. This article will cover basic pricing practices.

A) The number of guest you’re expecting.
(Long Island Sweet 16/Sixteen Prices/Packages in Nassau, Suffolk, Hamptons)

This let’s the DJ know what size system (speakers and amplifier wattage) is needed for your event to provide a good sound for your guests.

A DJ cannot and shouldn’t bring a system made for 100 people to a party that consists of 200-300 guests. It’s just not rational because that’s asking for trouble. The sound will not have the correct impact needed to get your guests up and partying. Trying to get a nice full sound in a big room using a small system is unsafe because it may require pushing the sound to it’s max or even passed that. This for one will sound horrible and it greatly increases the chance of blowing the amp/s or speaker/s.

On average a professional insured DJ company can sell you a 4hr basic set up for your Sweet 16 (music players, 2 top speakers, basic black frontboard, wirelless mic, DJ who is also the emcee) at a range of $575-$800. Do keep in mind that this would be considered the most basic setup for a 4 hour Sweet 16.

B) Location of your event
(Long Island Sweet 16/Sixteen Prices/Packages in Nassau, Suffolk, Hamptons

– Companies will most likely charge extra if you are an hour away or more from their location. The reason for this is that gas is more expensive for them being that they’re most likely driving a bigger vehicle that is carrying very heavy equipments, and that means a lot more gas spending. In addition, if you’re having a big set up, the company will probably add more workers to the gig, which may mean that they have to pay their workers extra for gas. Companies can charge anywhere from $20 to $100 for events that are 1hr away from there location. Again, it could be even more if they have more staff, more than one van, cars, or trucks traveling to work your event.

C) Lighting
Long Island Sweet 16/Sixteen Prices/Packages in Nassau, Suffolk, Hamptons

– Most companies charge for lighting, whether being small, medium or large light shows. The price for lighting can and will differ from one company to the next. Some companies will charge hundred/s more for the same exact lighting package that another company is providing for a lot less, simply because of their name, their reputation, and experience. You will need to shop wisely so you don’t get taken advantage of.

What type of lighting are being offered these days? The more popular lightings are: 1 intelligent lighting place on a vertical truss (x2 or x4) , mixture of lighting fixtures placed on a square truss or arch truss, frontboard lighting, stage lighting, Gobo fixtures with your name, spot lighting, room uplights and more…These are most likely the ones you may be offered for they are the hot items at parties. Pricing cannot be provided because too many things affect the price when it comes to lighting.

D) Tv Monitors/plasmas
Long Island Sweet 16/Sixteen Prices/Packages in Nassau, Suffolk, Hamptons

TV Monitors are a hot item to have at Weddings, Sweet 16’s and Mitzvahs for zap/video shots, or video montage. In case you don’t already, Zap shots are actually photos or video shots taken during your event and then placed on the tv screens for your guests to see (throughout the whole event). Video montage is different from zap shots/videos, in that a video montage is pre-recorded or produced prior to the actual party. The video montage is popular at sweet 16s for it displays past photos or video clips of the sweet 16 child as he/she was growing up. As for Weddings, it displays the couples past history as they progressed to their actual wedding day.

pricing- Companies will normally offer you the TV monitors with some type of stand to hold it on. The price is usually based on the number of monitors you want at the event, which can range anywhere from 1 to 4 or more, making it easy for all your guests to view them. Price is also affected by the size. Popular sizes can range anywhere from 42″ to 50″ and now some companies even offer bigger sizes if you can afford it. One 42″ monitor can range anywhere from $250 to $400 or more depending on the company (that’s without the zap shots or video montage).

The actual zap/shots can range anywhere from $250 to $500. The video montage can be a little more expensive because it requires a lot of time to put together because of the steps required. Basic step can includes, you having to select 50 to 60 to 75 photos (or more) and numbering them in the order you want them displayed. Next provide them to the person preparing the montage. Being that some of your photos may be printed photos, the company may need to scan them, make the older ones look newer, get them on computer, organize them, add video effects, add background music and more. As you can see it’s very involved, so companies can charge you anywhere from $300 and up. Your best bet is to do it yourself or even have your kids or friends of your kids do it, if they are computer smart.

E) Percussionist, Pianist, or Celebrity impersonator
Long Island Sweet 16/Sixteen Prices/Packages in Nassau, Suffolk, Hamptons
If you’re looking for an additional entertainer like a percussionist player, or a player of any other instrument piece then you’re most likely looking at $500 for 4 hours. The truth of the matter is this, most of these performers are paid somewhere around $100 per hour and the company (agent) you’re getting them through normally adds and additional $100 for finding and providing that performer to you.

****Note*** If you hire the performer for only 1 hour (cocktail hour or middle of your event), most companies will charge you $250 or even higher. In this case the Company would probably take $100, or less and the performer would get somewhere around $150 or more for the hour, so it’s at least worth their time.