A sweet 16 party is a very important event for a child, which requires great planning for a great outcome.  The actual sweet 16 party consists of  formalities which will give it that special feel .  Below is an example of a  traditional Sweet 16  timeline, which you may follow or modify.  We will say it’s a 4 hour party starting at 8pm and ending at 12am:


8:00 pm (Guest arrival, and sign-in board).

Long Island Sweet 16 DJ – Start of the event

At this time, your guests will be arriving  at the location of your sweet sixteen event.  Once arrived, it’s tradition to have a sign-in board at the entrance somewhere for them to congratulate you and sign their name.   You should place an enlarged photo of yourself  on the sign-in board ,or next to it. Do not forget to include a few writing utensils for your guests to write with.  Your Emcee, DJ, or the individual in charge of keeping your guest notified of the night’s hourly event , should guide your guests to the sign-in board, in case they don’t see it.


8:45 pm (Grand Entrance)

Long Island Sweet 16 DJ – The introductions and special dance

At this point, most of guests will have already arrived at your event and they are ready to get the party going.  When it comes to the grand entrance traditions, you can have a court (line-up) made up of your friends or anybody whom you want to join you in your grand entrance.  These individuals will be called into the room before you.  Normally two people are called in at a time, and then you who is the guest of honor will be called in last.  Right after you walk into the room, you will then have a special dance with your father or a male figure who is of great importance in your life.  You have the option of dancing the whole song with him, or having all of your friends  and or family members  join in. Following this dance, the party begins and the DJ or band  keeps everybody dancing till about the second hour.


10:00 pm (Dinner, then memory montage)

Long Island Sweet 16 DJ – Tips for dinner and photo montage

Around the two hour marked, your DJ/Emcee should have your guest find their assigned seats as dinner will be served.  If it’s  a help yourself type dinner, the catering hall may recommend that your DJ/Emcee call up one table at a time, creating for a better flow of traffic within the room.

Right after the main course, you will want to present your memory montage to your guests.  Your memory montage is a collection of pictures or possible video clips, organized in a special order to give a story.  This story should be of you, important moments of your life, special time with family or friends, from your younger years into the present.  It should last somewhere around 5-8 minutes or a little longer if necessary.  Based on experienced, we find that most guests at Sweet 16s tend to lose interest as the montage gets closer towards the 10 min mark.  50-60 photos will normally be enough.  You can create your montage yourself or pay your DJ or outside company to do it for you.

Following the montage, you want to go right into the candle lighting ceremony.

11pm – Candle Lighting Ceremony

Long Island Sweet 16 DJ – Tips for candle lighting

This will consist of 16 unlit candles plus a 17th one for good luck. You will dedicate each candle to a person or a group of people.  A quick short speech or note will be read for each person or group you call up  for a specific candle.   Once that person or group comes up, the photographer will take a picture of  you and them lighting the candle.  As for the good luck candle (17th candle), you can make a wish and then light it up.  After lighting it up, your guests will sing you the happy birthday song and once they are done, you will go ahead and blow out all the candles.  You also have the option of having your close family members (Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters) assist you in blowing them out.


Following the candle lighting ceremony,  Dessert is then served followed by more partying until the end of the event 12pm

Article by: James G Entertainment – Long Island DJs