If you are a teenager getting ready to turn 16 and you want to throw the perfect sweet 16 party, there is a way in which you can go about it when it comes to talking to your parents about the party. There are also steps that you can take to make sure your party is the best.

Those steps are:

Long Island Sweet 16 DJ –Step 1 to Throwing the Perfect Sweet Sixteen Party

  1. Discuss a budget with your parents.

Remember that your parents are going to be paying for the party, so you need to discuss this very important detail. It is helpful, however, to keep in mind that money doesn’t always make the party more fun. In fact, it is more about the memories and making it relaxed, if relaxed is your thing.

  1. Make sure no one else at school is having a party that night.

You don’t want your party to conflict with someone else’s, causing people to have to choose between yours and the other party.

  1. Choose a good location.

Your house could be a great location if your parents are all for that. However, you can choose a venue to have your sweet sixteen party if there will be a lot of guests. Having it at home could save you money, so weigh this against your other options and also look at the fun factor.

Long Island Sweet 16 DJ –Step 4 to Throwing the Perfect Sweet Sixteen Party

  1. Select a sweet sixteen theme.

The theme can add a great deal of fun. You can have a theme where everyone needs to wear something specific, or your theme can be something in which everything is the same color. Maybe you like cats or music so go ahead and gear your theme towards that.

  1. Choose the music.

The music selection should be one that you like, but everyone else should enjoy. If you want some dancing, then choose some tunes that people can move to.

  1. Choose invitations that match the theme.

The invitations should give the guests a feel for what the party is going to be like. If you are going for a theme, then your invitations need to reflect that theme.

  1. Play games and keep guests entertained.

You are going to have to come up with activities that keep your guests entertained. Have a video game tournament, a dance off, board games, or whatever interests you and your friends.

Long Island Sweet 16 DJ –Step 8 to Throwing the Perfect Sweet Sixteen Party

  1. Have a menu planned.

You will need to plan a menu so that everyone eats well. The food is one of the most important parts of a sweet 16 party, so choose food that is easy to eat, satisfies the palates of different types of guests, and makes the party even more fun. You can choose foods like veggies, fruits, finger sandwiches, soda, punch, water, cocktail weenies, meatballs, and other such foods. Those are always a hit.

  1. Try to interact with everyone.

You don’t want to just mingle with a few people. Instead, see everyone. Do the best that you can to position yourself so that you are able to converse, play games with, and enjoy all of your guests.

Long Island DJs –Step 10 to Throwing the Perfect Sweet Sixteen Party

  1. Make your parents a part of the party.

It is possible to enjoy the party with your parents without them cramping your style. That is if they want to be in the room with you and your friends. Give them the option to hang out or say hello, otherwise they may do like many parents do and step back so you can enjoy your sweet sixteen.

So there you have 10 steps that will make your sweet sixteen party a little easier to plan. Remember that it is not always about how spectacular it is, but how much fun you and your guests have.