Long Island DJs -Interesting and Weird Wedding Transportation

The most fancy and classic style wedding transportation that is preferred by many are  limousine services, but there are many others that exist which create for a memorable wedding overall.

There are also the couples who want to make their wedding unique by choosing some interesting forms of wedding transportation, which are a bit different from other people. This is just their personal way  of making their wedding enjoyable more enjoyable.  Although the form of Wedding Transportation  chosen is not the most important aspect of a wedding, it surely gives it that special feel.

Let’s go into more specific details as to some of the other options available to newly weds.  One option is the horse and carriage, for they are different, cost-effective and it adds more taste to the romance between the wedding couple. Obviously, this has to be well planned because distance to be traveled, weather, complications of routes to be taken are just some of the issues that can affect this.

The next choice is to take the tuk-tuk, a three wheeler that is used in weddings within some parts of Asia as a form of wedding transportation.  It’s a nice way to go back in time and being that it may be your first time, it truly makes your day a memorable one.

Other options available are the usage of  ambulances, police cars, and fire engines.  Yes, very weird and peculiar, yet they  attract a lot of attention while placing a smile on everybody’s face, including perfect strangers.

One other mean of Wedding Transportation, but definitely not the last, is the air balloon.  This to many is a definite “no no” but if you can get passed your fears of height, this will make your wedding very adventurous, romantic, and exciting.  With all these weird, strange, and fun options to choose from, you’re sure to have a wonderful time in making up your mind.


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