Long Island DJ -Wedding Catering Checklist Needed

Food is what finishes off a celebration. Without the food, the wedding reception would be lacking. That is why you want to ensure that everything is just right when it comes to your catering. The menu has to be right, as does the presentation and the organization.

So here is a wedding catering checklist based on time until the wedding that will help you ensure there is no panic when the big day comes:

  • One year before the big day – Start looking for a caterer. This means going to food tastings so you can choose the right one. It is never too early to choose the caterer and the type of food that you want.


  • 9 months before the big day – If you have only gathered a list of caterers by this point and have not committed someone, then it is time to have the tastings now and no later than now. You don’t want to take long deciding because caterers book up rather quickly a year to nine months before weddings, so make a decision and put down your deposit. If your venue has a caterer, but you want to choose an off-site caterer, check with the venue’s policies about this move.

 Long Island DJs -Wedding Catering Checklist Needed

  • 6 months before the big day – The menu should be finalized and the final price agreed upon. This may mean you will need to pay more money, especially if the original quote and the final price have a bit of difference between them. Make sure you read the fine print within the catering contract and be sure that you agree with all of the details before signing anything.


  • 3 months before the big day – By this point you should have all of your vendors hired. This means that you most likely know how many members are in the band and how many people the photographer will have with him or her. You can talk to your caterer about arranging a special meal for your vendors, but see how low they can keep the cost.


  • 1 month before the big day – All RSVPs should now be received so that you can give the caterer the final head count. This may mean that the final fee will need to be adjusted before making your final payment. If you chose a buffet for the dinner, you will need to give the caterer a floor plan of the venue so that they know where you want the buffet.

 Long Island DJ -Wedding Catering Checklist Needed

  • 1 week before the wedding – There may be leftovers, so designate a person from the wedding party to hand them out so you can head on to your honeymoon and not have to worry about all of the leftover food that you paid for.


  • The day before – If the caterer requested the final fee be paid the day of the wedding, give your best main or maid of honor the money to pay that balance so you don’t have to worry about it.


On the big day, don’t forget to eat the food. It can be easy for the bride and groom to get so tied up in the festivities that they forget to eat. Take a load off, enjoy the fruits of your labor, and have fun.