Long Island DJ -Sweet 16 /Quinceanera Planning Considerations Turning 16 is a big deal. It is the age in which your daughter can get her driver’s license, the age in which you worry every time she puts the keys in the ignition, it’s the age when she can get a job, and it’s just two years before she turns 18. Although she’s growing up, she’s still your baby and it’s Because of this that you want to make sure the day is as special as possible.

Depending on where you are in the world, a Sweet 16 party can have varying elements. For instance, in some places the party is like a wedding without a groom. It is a formal dress event that is catered with a band and professional photographer. This can be very expensive, as there are a number of formal details that are integrated into the party.

In other places, it is about having fun and spending time with friends. The party can have a fun theme and be a reflection of the teen’s style. How it is done is entirely up to you.

But regardless of the time of party, there are some considerations that every parent of an up and coming 16-year-old needs to consider:

#1-3 –  Long Island  DJ list of Considerations for a Sweet 16/Quinceanera

  • Include your teenager in the party planning unless the party is going to be a surprise.
  • Make sure you set a realistic budget because you don’t want to run out of money before you are done with the details. The budget will help you establish what is and what isn’t going to happen during the event.
  • The time of year can give you some direction. If the party is in the summer, a clam bake or barbecue can be a lot of fun. If in the fall, your teen may want to have a costume party. The season will also help you determine whether or not to have the party inside or outside.

#4-6 – Long Island DJ list of Considerations for a Sweet 16/Quinceanera

  • Consider your daughter’s hobbies and interests and integrate them into the party.
  • Make it clear that you will be at the party and that no one is to try and do something they shouldn’t. You can hang out in the background, but you are to chaperone the party. Keep in mind that this is an age group that feels they are grown up, so there needs to be a neutralizer.
  • Let your teen know what you are doing in order to avoid misunderstandings, such as anything that may indicate to other teens that it is okay to bring alcohol to the party.

#7-9 – Long Island DJs list of Considerations for a Sweet 16/Quinceanera

  • Let your teen pick the food or pick her favorites. Make sure there are veggies on the menu in case any of her friends are vegetarians.
  • Disc jockeys can be nice additions. Make sure he or she plays your teen’s favorite music. Chances are, your teen’s music picks are the picks of the rest of her friends.
  • Make sure you take pictures. Sometimes a professional photographer is not necessary when you can take candid and posed photos yourself.

So there you have some considerations to help you nail down your priorities with the Sweet 16 party When you consider every detail and penny, you can make sure your teen has a lot of fun on her special day.