(LI) Long Island DJ Entertainment (djs, bands) – How to save on Sweet 16?

As a parent, there is no doubt that your child has come to you with some rather wild ideas. Now it’s time for their sweet 16 birthday party and the ideas are getting even wilder. You have probably heard everything from a petting zoo to PG-13 male strippers and now your head is spinning with the ideas and requests.

That means it is time for you all to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with your teen about what is reasonable and what isn’t.

(DJ LI)Long Island DJ Entertainment (djs, bands) – How to save on Sweet 16?

Modesty is the Key

First, it is important to make your teen understand that everyone will have fun even without some of the ridiculously expensive ideas that have come about. Bringing the circus to the backyard could be a lot of fun, but that is usually about $30,000 worth of fun. Instead, you could have a luau in the back yard where everyone dresses in their Hawaiian best, dances, eats food, drinks punch, and plays games. If you have pets, they can be circus enough for everyone.

DJ Entertainment

Hiring a DJ to provide the entertainment does not have to cost you a lot of money.  You can keep it as basic as possible, while still following the basic Sweet 16 party regimen.  This includes basic DJ set-up and a one man show.  A one man show is a DJ who has the skills and experience to Emcee your event while playing the music. This saves you a lot of money because you will not need to pay for a separate Emcee.  Yes, the one man may be limited when it comes to doing the same things as a two men show, yet  the Sweet 16 can still be a blast if the “one man show” service provider knows what he is doing.

It can be convenient to hire a professional caterer, but there are some options if you want them. You could prepare finger foods yourself, call the local grocery store and have them prepare custom food trays, or you could buy food trays that are already prepared in the produce and deli departments of the store. Any time there is free food, teens absolutely love it. They just like to eat.

If you and your teen can’t agree on the catering issue, there is always pizza. Sometimes local pizza shops will give a discount when you order a lot of pizzas for a group. Everyone loves pizza, so this can be a win-win.

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The Guest List and the Venue

The guest list and the venue sort of go hand-in-hand for the fact that how many people are being invited determines where the party will be. Consider that usually not even half of guests show up to a party. Being that it is a teen party, that percentage may go up some. If the entire school is being invited, it may pay to find a gymnasium or a room somewhere that will accommodate 50 or so kids. If your home can accommodate that many and you don’t mind putting away your breakables to be safe, then you can use your home for the party. Sometimes that is more laid back than a church fellowship hall, gym, or recreation center.

So there you have some ideas on how to skirt the outrageous requests of your teen. Of course, in their mind they are thinking HUGE when, in your mind, you are being realistic. There is always a way to make the two meet in the middle and everyone be happy.