LI & Queens NY Wedding DJ’s – How to plan your wedding beginning to end

10 – 12 Months recommendations by LI, NY Wedding DJ

● Talk with potential vendors to ask questions and discuss your plans
● Book your photographer and videographer and DJ company
● Begin looking for and trying on wedding gowns
● Begin to think and research possible honeymoon destinations
● Order passport if needed for a destination honeymoon or wedding
● Get your engagement photos taken
● Send your engagement announcement in to the local paper

8 – 9 Months recommendations by LI, NY Wedding DJ

● Finalize your guest list
● Send out Save-the-Date reminders
● Book your wedding day transportation
● Reserve a florist
● Take some time with your fiancé to register for wedding gifts. Remember to choose items in a variety of price ranges and have fun!
● Reserve your wedding day transportation
● Buy your dream wedding gown
● Decide on hotel room accommodations for out of town guests
● Meet with your officiant

6 – 7 Months recommendations by LI, NY Wedding DJ’s

● Reserve wedding day attire for the groom, groomsmen and all males involved in the wedding. (don’t forget fathers, grandfathers, ushers or ring bearers.)
● Decide on bridesmaid gowns and schedule fittings or provide information to attendants
● Decide on attire for flower girl
● Reserve ceremony musicians or soloists
● Reserve any rental items needed for ceremony and reception
● Book a bakery and meet with them to decide on a wedding cake
● Meet with florist to discuss and decide on wedding day flower arrangements
● Ask a special friend or family members to do readings at the ceremony
● Reserve block of rooms at a hotel for out-of-town guests if you haven’t done so already
● Begin thinking about what type of invitations you would like

LI & Queens NY Wedding DJ’s – How to plan your wedding beginning to end

4 – 5 Months recommendations by LI, NY Wedding DJ

● Order or make your wedding invitations
● Compile hotel information for out of town guests to be sent with invitations
● Make any necessary wedding day appointments, such as hair, nails or massage.
● Book a venue for the rehearsal dinner if you are using a location such as a restaurant
● Choose and order wedding favors
● Choose and purchase your wedding bands
● Pick up and schedule gown fittings
● Arrange for bridesmaids’ dress fittings or give details to bridesmaids
● Shop for each other’s cards and wedding gifts
● Choose and purchase something fun for guests to send you off with after the ceremony: birdseed, rose petals, bubbles…
● Make final decisions on the wedding cake
● Book your honeymoon if you haven’t already

3 Months recommendations by LI, NY Wedding DJ

● Pick up your wedding invitations
● Address and package your wedding invitations (or send to a calligrapher)
● Shop for and purchase gifts for the members of the wedding party
● Attend final gown fitting
● Purchase accessories like shoes, evening bag, jewelry and more if you haven’t done so already (don’t forget to make sure everything complements your dress, and of course remember to practice walking in your shoes!)
● Provide guest lists to bridesmaids and anyone else hosting a shower for you
● Touch base with your officiant
● Begin writing the ceremony program
● Choose the ceremony programs and make date to have them printed
● Begin planning a post-wedding brunch if you are having one

2 Months recommendations by LI, NY Wedding DJ’s

● Send out your wedding invitations (make sure postage is correct)
● Finalize the reception menus
● Apply for your marriage license
● Plan the rehearsal dinner including the food selections and seating arrangement
● Compile wedding favors if you are making them
● Attend your bridal showers and bachelor/bachelorette parties!
● Write thank you notes for showers and parties.
● Begin maintaining a list of wedding gifts received and send thank you notes before the wedding if possible
● Make sure bridal attendants have their gowns and accessories

1 Month recommendations by LI, NY Wedding DJ

● Meet with the photographer and videographer to discuss your expectations and provide a list of “must take” shots.
● Send out invitations to the rehearsal dinner
● Proof-read and print the ceremony programs
● Finalize vows if you’re writing your own
● Pick up wedding rings from jewelry store
● Create anything special you plan to have to personalize your day, such as a slideshow at the reception
● Meet with your hairstylist and makeup artist for consultation if needed
● Shop for anything you will need on the honeymoon
● Make sure wedding party is aware of all duties expected of them (you can provide a timeline for them if it helps)
● Meet with ceremony soloists or musicians to rehearse
● Meet with florist and discuss delivery times
● Order or make table place cards for the reception

LI & Queens NY Wedding DJ’s – How to plan your wedding beginning to end

3 Weeks recommendations by LI, NY Wedding DJ’s

● Complete your wedding day planner, timeline and song request list. Be sure to give us a heads up when you’re done and ready for us to review.

2 Weeks recommendations by LI, NY Wedding DJ

● If you are having a sit-down dinner, create a seating chart
● Prepare a speech for either you or your fiancé, or both, to give at the rehearsal dinner, thanking your parents and everyone else for all their love and support
● Call any guests who have not replied
● Confirm honeymoon reservations
● Begin packing for the honeymoon
● Touch base with all vendors as needed and provide timeline of the day.
● Wrap attendants’ presents and write a note thanking them
● Designate someone to watch over the gifts and collect cards as the reception is starting
● Arrange for distribution of programs at the ceremony and a seating place card table at the reception site

1 Week recommendations by LI, NY Wedding DJ’s

● Provide the final head count to the caterer or reception site
● Finalize reception details with your DJ
● Finalize seating chart
● Determine the order of the receiving line if you are having one
● Give seating chart and place cards to caterer or reception hall
● Pick up your wedding dress if you haven’t already


● Get a massage – you deserve it!
● Get a manicure and pedicure
● Run any last minute errands to deliver items to the reception hall or ceremony
● Pack up a wedding day bridal kit (see article for details about what to include)
● Get together an overnight bag for your wedding night and make sure it is delivered to its destination
● Make sure all checks are written out for vendors
● Make sure groom and groomsmen have picked up their formalwear and tried it on
● Attend your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
● Present your parents and wedding party with their gifts
● Spend some quality time with family and friends during and even after the rehearsal dinner
● Remember to smile and relax!
● Get some sleep! You’re gonna’ need it!

It’s Your Day! Congratulations!!!

● Don’t sweat the small stuff (and it’s all small stuff)
● Allow yourself to relax and absorb the love and happy emotions
● Your DJ will check in with you early on. Let him/her know about any last minute changes


● Send thank you notes within 2 months of the wedding
● If you were satisfied with their services, write personal thank you notes to your vendors
● Send a marriage announcement to your local paper
● Submit all forms involved in changing your last name
● Freeze the top layer of your wedding cake to eat on your first anniversary
● Have your wedding gown cleaned and preserved
● Enjoy the beginning of a beautiful life together!