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******NOTE****** Wedding or Sweet 16 Prices/Packages differ from those listed below, being that they have formalities to be followed, and require extra preparations prior to the event. CLICK HERE for Wedding and Sweet 16 Packages.

DJ “just plays music” with our most basic set-up.

2hrs – $350
3hrs – $450
4 hours = $525 plus $95.00 for any additional hour.

One man show for 4 hours(DJ/MC) – DJ plays music, makes all announcements, keep your guests aware of every detail of your special event, and greatly assists in crowd participation… Great sound system, wireless mics…

2hrs – $375
3hrs – $475
4 hours = $550 plus $95 each additional hour.

Emcee (MC) – Focuses on you, your guess, all announcements, crowd motivation, and more…

2hrs = $325
3hrs = $425
4hrs = $525 plus $95 each additional hour.

3hrs – $875
4 hours = $950 plus $125 each additional hour.

***For additional set-up upgrades, lighting, plasmas, and more*** please CLICK HERE…

DJ Light-up booth (Upgrade)   $125

Light Show Pointing to your dance floor- $120 for medium light show, consisting of 2 light fixtures, then $50 for each additional light fixture added.

TRIANGULAR/ARCH TRUSS GOLDEN LIGHT SHOW*** Beautifully lit arched truss, with white cover and lights up with the color of your choice (Select a color to match your room or theme) -$595.00

Two flat screens  on a two beautifully lit tri-stand $550

Zap Shots – Pictures taken throughout your event and displayed on the screen. Copies provided to you at the end of the event.  $495  for 4 hours+ $95 each additional hour

Create montage with music in background = $145 for 50 photos and $2.00 each additional pictures

Motion light drape – $175

Pair of lit-up-led-tripod towers with intelligent light fixtures spinning around the room- $475

Photo booths with trained attendant, video messaging, props – $895

Name in Lights (Personalized Gobo Monograms) – $250

ROOM UPLIGHTS ADD ON (Changes the color of the room). A) 12 room uplights to place around the room = $450.00 B) 15 room uplights = $510.00 C) 18 Room uplights = $576.00

Photography – Pictures taken in high def and provided to you at the end of the event. 4 hours= $775, $5hours= $875, 6 hours= $975

Videography (Regular)- We will film your Ceremony, Cocktail, and Reception in High Def and provide you copies as recorded on CD. $1250

“Edited” Videography – Turn your video recorded ceremony, cocktail, and reception into magic. We will edit your video, add titles, music, and FX $1725

Party Favors = $65 for every 50 piece