How Wedding Registry works

Believe it or not, the wedding registry has a very rich history. The bride’s family would contribute a dowry, while the groom’s family would give a piece of land. Today, the registry can be created at any of a number of stores and can even have a specific theme.

Wedding Registry Perks

There are a number of perks to having a wedding registry. The perks are:

  • Newlyweds are able to get what they want or need. The couple is able to rest easy knowing that they will receive some of the items that they have suggested. The main advantage to using a registry is so that guests know what items are needed and what quantity. It takes the guesswork out of buying gifts.
  • The couple’s style is showcased – If you are inviting individuals who have not seen you in a while, they may not be aware of your style. The registry is going to give them a good idea of that style.
  • The guests save time – When you have a wedding registry, you are doing a great favor to your guests by saving them time in the gift buying arena.
  • The registry is not mandatory – There may be some guests that have an idea of what they want to get you and that means they may not buy from the gift registry. That’s okay!
  • No duplicates – Having gift registries prevents more than one of the same item being purchased.

Registry Guidelines

There are certain guidelines that you may want to follow when creating your wedding registry. The first thing you want to do is plan your registry early so you can present it as soon as possible. You also want to make sure your guests know that the registry is optional and that small and large items are included. Having a good variation of items gives the guests some options. You will want to have traditional items, as well as some untraditional items that reflect your personality. You can do this at around three stores and if you are ever in doubt when it comes to what you want or need, you can request gift cards.

Wedding Registry Trends

There are a number of trends that now exist when it comes to wedding registries. Being that there are some common goals among couples, it is good to try and get some help to meet those goals. For instance, the honeymoon registry is becoming rather popular because it helps with honeymoon costs. The homebuyer registry is a way guests can give money toward the purchase of a new home. The charity registry is also becoming popular so that couples can have money donated to their favorite charity. There are many options, so what you choose is entirely up to you. Just make sure that the type of registry you choose and what is on it is something that is going to help you and your new spouse move forward.


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