How to Plan a Sweet 16 Party

A sweet sixteen party is one of the most important moments in a girl’s life. However, it is the planning that can be rather daunting on everyone involved. That is why it is good to have a little guidance when it comes to the planning process. This short sweet 16 planning guide will help you get your ducks in a row so that you can successfully plan the party that your teenager and her friends will always remember:

  1. Find the perfect venue – This is where the party will be and it is what will determine the rest of the details of the party. You can’t really plan the party without having the venue in place first.
  2. Pick your theme and colors – This is going to be the next step because this is what will determine the decorations, favors, cake, and other intricate details of the party. You may want to choose several themes and then determine which is going to be the easiest to make happen. Some themes are easier to find decorations for than others. Some are also cheaper than others.
  3. Pick the entertainment – You may want to opt for a high school garage band, a professional band, the most rockin’ DJ in your town, or Pandora over a PA system. Let your teen decide how they want the music and whether or not they want any other forms of entertainment at the party. Perhaps they may want to do a movie night with friends by projecting “Pretty in Pink” or another chick flick on a large screen.
  4. The cake – The cake will match the theme and it is good to have it custom made. When you have a theme in place, you are able to tell the cake decorator exactly what you want and a good one can make it happen. Don’t have a cake decorator in mind? Ask friends and family for recommendations and make sure you look at portfolios.
  5. Photos and videos – You can hire someone to take the photos and video or you can put disposable cameras on the tables and have everyone take photos so that you can create an album based on multiple perspectives. If you want professional shots, hire a photographer just for those shots and not for the candid ones.
  6. Attire – The theme may also determine the attire. You can choose casual, formal, or “come as you are.” If you want to have a costume party, make sure everyone knows it. It is best to let everyone know the theme beforehand if you plan on them dressing according to that theme.
  7. After party – You may want to arrange for an after party, such as sleeping over at the house in tents or in the living room with girly movies. You may even want to move everyone to the local skating rink or bowling alley. It is entirely up to you and your teen.

So if you follow these items, you have a guide to help you get through. Just pace yourself and do one thing at a time so that the planning process moves smoothly. When you take it one step at a time, then you will be more organized.