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Every bride wants to look elegant and special on the day of her marriage, and that includes everything from the dress to the makeup. If you are in need of amazing makeup tips and trends, you can spend hours looking through magazines, or just take a few of our tips. Bridal preparation is very important to every woman on this day.

First you should decide which look you are going for. If your dress is decked out in dainty flowers, you will not want to have heavy, dark eye makeup to accompany it. If your gown is elegant, think of going for the ever popular and timeless red lip accompanied by little makeup elsewhere. If your dress is simple and the focus is on you, you can play around with different bright metallic colors and false eyelashes to make your eyes stand out. Both of these looks are in this season. A smoky eye and pink cheeks can pair perfectly with your princess dress, and for all of those minimalists out there, there is nothing wrong with lip gloss and mascara alone. On the day of your wedding, you should feel comfortable and know that you will look beautiful.

You should also incorporate your hair decisions into deciding your look. If your hair is minimally styled, then you may want to go for a more daring look with your makeup. Just be careful not to overdo it. You don’t want to look too made up. You want to let your natural beauty shine through on this day.