5 Tips to Planing a Sweet 16 Sleepover

Sometimes teenagers celebrating their sweet 16 don’t want the party to end, so they will opt for a sleepover so they can stay up late and have a good time. Even if there is a party before this part of the party, this is going to require some planning so that everyone is taken care of. If the party is just a sleepover, that is fine too. You can start earlier in the evening so those who can’t stay all night still have a chance to party with everyone.

Here are 5 important elements when planning a sweet 16 sleepover:

  1. Invitations – There is going to be a theme and it is important that the invitations coincide with that theme. Perhaps the theme could be an ice cream social or a movie night. Everyone can wear their favorite pajamas, play games, eat food, and just have a good time. The invitations should project what is going to happen and maybe even contain details of the activities for the peace of mind of the parents.
  2. Games – Games are an important part of a party. You can play poker without real money, play hide and seek, have a scavenger hunt, play board games, and so much more.
  3. Decorations – Just because everyone is sleeping over doesn’t mean that decorations are not necessary. You can still decorate to accommodate a theme and even have a cake, plates, cups, and other items that reflect that theme.
  4. Food and beverages – You have to make sure everyone is well fed. Make sure that there are snacks available for the kids all night long. Chances are they are going to be up late and they are going to get hungry, so make it easily accessible so they don’t ransack the kitchen. Set out a table with chips, pretzels, punch, cake, and anything else that can sit out for a while. If you want to take a chance, then it is fine to keep the fridge stocked. Just make sure the alcoholic beverages are out of sight just in case. While your child may not be into raiding the liquor cabinet, you don’t always know about the friends.
  5. Pillows and blankets – While everyone is told to bring their own pillows and blankets in many cases, there is going to be someone who needs an extra pillow or blanket to be comfortable and warm. So don’t be surprised if you are asked about extras.

So there you have five elements that are important when you are planning your teen’s sweet 16 birthday party. When you can plan smoothly, then the event is going to be a success and that means you’re going to have a very happy 16 year old on your hands. That in itself is priceless.