5 Sweet Sixteen Party Games to Consider

A sweet 16 party is super exciting for any teenager. Once you have a theme for the party in place and the venue is nailed down, it is time to move on to the other important details, such as the entertainment and the games. Usually, the entertainment is rather easy. A teen may decide on a band from their school or a DJ that they know of. The games, however, can be rather challenging to decide upon because they need to be a lot of fun. The more unique they are, the better.

Here are 5 sweet 16 party games that you and your teen can consider for the party:

  1. Lie detector – This is a game where each player writes down three facts on a piece of paper, but two facts are true and one is false. The lie can be funny or totally unbelievable. Once everyone has written down their facts, you go around the group and have each person read what they wrote down. The group must then try and figure out which is fact and which is lie. This is a good game to start with because of how it can lighten the mood at the party.
  2. Fashion show – Set up a catwalk and allow the girls to model silly hats, makeup, and accessories. This doesn’t have to be serious at all or they can wear their best outfits and model them. You can offer prizes for the best or the silliest combination of accessories and clothing. If you have any old fashioned clothes hanging out in your attic, you can run with this game.
  3. Truth or dare in a balloon – Places pieces of paper in balloons that have a dare or request truth. The player pops the balloon and they must reveal a truth or perform a dare as specified by the piece of paper. No one ever knows what they are going to get until they pop the balloon, which is what makes this type of truth or dare much more fun.
  4. Musical chairs – Musical chairs never gets old. This is a game where you know what to do and it is one that gets your blood pumping. You can even integrate some dancing into the game so that it is even more fun. In order for it to be fair, everyone must dance.
  5. Karaoke – Karaoke is usually a type of entertainment, but you can make a game out of it. Try and see who can sing without messing up or who can sing an entire song without looking at the words. Two friends at a time can even battle it out at the mic to see who is still standing at the end of the song.

So here you have five sweet 16 party games that everyone can have a great time with. The important thing is that the games are fun to the point everyone laughs. You’ll be surprised at how easily everyone will come out of their shells and have a good time.