10 Popular Wedding Photography Styles

Wedding photography allows you to keep the memories for the long-term. While you will always remember your wedding, you want to have the photos and video to remember it for the long-term.

But what you can do with a photo is pretty amazing when you want to capture the day. There are different photography styles that you can request from your photographer so that you can have photos that are as unique as you and your spouse are.

Here are 10 popular wedding photography styles:

  1. The black and white photo – This is traditional, as black and white was the color when photography began. The key to this type of photography is the lighting and capitalizing on the shadows and highlights. It’s not just about shooting a photo without any color.
  2. Macro photography – If you don’t mind an extreme close-up, then this is the type of photo for you. The details that are revealed are those that you may not normally see with the naked eye. Macro usually works on objects, such as the rings, rather than faces. A macro shot of a face may be a little interesting, however.
  3. Panoramic shots – Panoramic photos are going to give you a wider shot and can fit a lot more in the picture. Back in the day, photographers had to stitch together multiple photos to create a panoramic view. Now cameras can do that on their own.
  4. Bokeh – This is a popular type of photography in that it blurs a specific part of the photo, but the main part of the image is still focused. There are different camera lenses that can be used to achieve this type of photo.
  5. Aerial photos – Standing on top of a high surface to take a photo down to the subject is becoming quite popular. Photos can even be taken of an outdoor wedding from a drone, helicopter, or a plane. The photos can also be taken at different angles.
  6. Portraiture – This method of photography is about capturing a person’s personality and appearance in a single image. It is typically done as a head shot, but can also be a full or partial body shot. The background is typically simple so it’s not overly distracting.
  7. Infrared photos – Infrared photography puts new life into a picture. Because the human eye cannot see infrared light, pictures look different.
  8. High-speed photography – With a high speed camera, extraordinary moments can be captured while in motion. It’s like freezing time rather than having to pose for it.
  9. Tilt-shift – The depth of field is shallow, which can make a scene look like it contains tiny models. This is a photo that is best being taken from a distance.
  10. Long exposure – This type of photo can look Photoshopped, but it’s not. It capitalizes on a long-duration shutter speed, which stationary objects are kept in focus, but moving objects are blurred. It is a popular nighttime photo method because the trail of stars can be captured.

So there you have some popular photo styles that you can discuss with your wedding photographer. Lastly don’t forget to stay within your wedding budget.