10 Fun Sweet Sixteen Party Tips

Whether you are frugal or not, you have to have some great sweet sixteen birthday party ideas in order to make the party a success. You also want those ideas to be as unique as possible so that you are not utilizing any ideas that any of your daughter’s friends may have utilized during their party. The last thing a teenage girl wants is to be accused of copying too many ideas from her friends.

So here are some ideas that you can consider for a super fun sweet 16 party:

  • Spa parties are a lot of fun. You can pick up some things from the dollar store and everyone get a mani/pedi, facials, and massages. You can also integrate fun makeup, boas, sunglasses, and various props without breaking the bank. You can even contact a cosmetology school and schedule inexpensive mani/pedis for the girls. Schools look for opportunities such as these to teach their students.
  • Bonfires can be great. They are easy and decorating is usually not needed. This is an affordable way for all of the kids to get together and have a good time. You can set up a table with drinks and snacks and the kids can roast marshmallows and make their own hotdogs.
  • Disney princesses are not necessarily too young for 16 year old girls, so you may want to consider having a Disney princess party. The girls can dress up as their favorite and everything can be Disney themed. This is something that is perfect for the diehard Disney fan.
  • Limo rides can be a great deal of fun for the girls. You can take a ride to the movies or to a sleepover at a nice hotel or public pool for a pool party. There are so many destinations and so much fun that can be had in a limo.
  • The hotel sleepover with adjoining rooms is a lot of fun because of the pool at the hotel and the fact that many hotels have a continental breakfast in the morning that all of the girls can enjoy.
  • If your daughter is into glamour, then you can have a Hollywood party. A movie can be projected on the house or on the fence and everyone can dress up like they are going to a movie premiere.
  • A beach party can be a blast. Invest in some sand, some child sized swimming pools if you don’t have a pool, and put snacks in buckets with shovels.
  • Make it all about the food. Have a party where everyone is able to try different types of food. In fact, everyone can bring something they like and it can be an all out food fest.
  • Make sure you have games that appeal to teenage girls. A mystery game or party can be a great way to do this. Everyone acts out a part.
  • Have the guests write messages to your teen by rolling out butcher paper on a table and giving them art supplies. This can be a lot of fun and make for a great all decoration for your teen.

So there you have some tips and ideas to make your teen’s sweet 16 party a blast and a success.