(#1-3) 10 Sweet 16 Party Ideas

Turning 16 is a big deal for a young girl, which is why it is important to do what is necessary to make her birthday as special as you can. This means finding the perfect party theme that she and her friends will have a fantastic time with. The following are 10 sweet sixteen party theme ideas that your teen will surely love:

  1. Dance party – Hire the right DJ and make sure he or she knows the type of music your teen loves. That way the music can keep going all night long until the party goers can’t dance anymore.
  2. Video game party – Whether the sweet sixteen party is for a boy or girl, a video game party is ideal for those that love video games. You can arrange for tournaments so that the winners can win prizes.
  3. Movie night – Movie night can happen any night, but when it is for a sweet sixteen party, movie night can be taken outdoors. If the weather is warm and you have access to a projection screen, this is the ideal way to give everyone a good time. You may want to integrate some grilling out into this party.

(#4-7) 10 Sweet 16 Party Ideas

4.  Skating party – Whether it is summer or winter, you can opt for a roller skating or ice skating party. Find a roller rink or ice skating rink nearby and rent it out for as long as you need it.

5.  Pool party – This is another fun option for when the weather is warm. It is a great way for your teen to relax with his or friends and have a great time well into the evening or even until the next morning.

6.  Lake party – If you live in an area where there are campgrounds near lakes, then you can have a lake party probably like you used to when you were a kid. Everyone can swim in the lake, can grill out, and even camp out. As long as regulation allows, you can even have a bonfire where everyone roasts hot dogs and marshmallows.

7.  Scavenger hunt – Hide prizes around the property and make the kids look for them. You can have the kids hunt for physical objects or leave video and photo clues. You can get very creative with this one and have a great prize for the winner(s) at the end.

(#8-10) 10 Sweet 16 Party Ideas

8.  Chocolate party – Every kid loves chocolate, which is why a chocolate party will most likely go over well. You can have a chocolate fountain, lots of chocolate baked goods, and more or less hype the kids up on as much sugar as you can for this one night.

9.  Under the stars – Decorate the backyard and tell everyone to bring their sleeping bags. There is nothing like partying and sleeping under the stars.

10.  Luau – The luau is a very popular type of sweet sixteen party because it is as if you are bringing Hawaii to your home. You can have leis, grass skirts, coconuts, flowers, Hawaiian cuisine, and anything that summons the essence of a luau.

So there you have ten themes that you can opt for when throwing a sweet sixteen party for your teen. When opting for any of these, it is very easy to integrate personal touches into each to make it absolutely perfect.